What Is Cricket?

May 4th, 2009

The second most popular sport in the world has arrived in El Salvador.

Article by: Andrew Murgatroyd


What is Cricket?

Cricket has 11 players on each side and is played using a bat and ball. The team is made up similar to baseball with Fielders, Catcher, and Pitcher. The terminology is slightly different that baseball. The Pitcher is called a Bowler, Batsman try to hit the ball and Fielders support the bowler. The game focuses on the one on one confrontation between the bowler and batsman and is supported by the fielders.


There are 3 types of Cricket:

The Test

The One Day International

The Twenty/20.


The game begins with a coin being tossed to determine which team bats first. Knight vs Chiefs.


The batting team enters two at a time to begin the game. During the game, if one batsman is out it will not affect the other player because a new batsman will come in as replacement. The batsman will try to hit as many runs as he can and guards against not being taken out. The batting team will only get to face a certain amount of balls (120 as an example) so it is best not to be too defensive or they can run out of balls and have very few runs on the score board.


Let’s look at this in a game. The first team batting could be the Knights and they scored 125 runs. In getting those runs 6 batsman got out. We would say their score is 125 for 6 off 20 overs. We get ’20 overs’ because each 6 balls bowled is called an ‘over’ therefore, 120 balls/6per over is 20 overs.


The job of the bowling team is to try to bowl in such a way that either the batsman misses the bowl, or even better, gets the batter out. The bowler tries to get the batsman to miss because the batsman only has a certain amount of balls to face, so every missed ball represents a wasted opportunity. Every over, the bowler changes end. One bowler cannot bowl more that 20% of the total overs – so each team must have at least 5 bowlers. (Chiefs bowled 20 over)


When they have bowled their 20 overs- from which Knights scored 125 runs, they will swap ‘over’.

Chiefs will now bat and Knights will now bowl.


Chiefs will now try to score 125+ and they will also have a maximum of 20 overs. Knights can win the game in 2 ways. Get the entire Chiefs batsman out before they get to 125 – or – bowl all their 20 overs before Chiefs get to 125. Let’s say Chiefs score 126 in 90 balls (which is 15 overs). In getting those runs they lose 8 batsmen, then we would say their score is 126 for 8 off 15 overs. There would be no point for them to continue playing even though they have 5 overs spare. Once they overtake the target of 125 set by the Knights, they have won. And the game is over.


So to summarise:          Knights got 125 for 6 off 20 overs

                                     Chiefs got 126 for 8 off 15 overs



The full way we would report this win would be “Chiefs win – with 5 overs to spare”


April 11th, 2009

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